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Gender Stereotypes – Shayla Furlong

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Gender Stereotypes. Jersey Shore.


     In the MTV show Jersey Shore, women & men are portrayed very differently. Men think of women as sexual objects, they have no respect for them and just think of them as toys, nothing else. The women in this show are made out to be drunk, irresponsible women who have little to no self respect. All of the women hhvae big boobs & wear pounds of makeup, while wearing skimpy clothing that is much to small for them. The Jersey Shore women are though to  be objects, not human beings.

    The men on this show are portrayed very differntley then the women are. They are very highly though of & they live for the ” Guido” lifestyle. They are muscular, tanned & always have their hair done. They live by the saying GTL which means gym , tan , laundry. The men on this show are quite shallow but they also have a very feminine side aswell. They do many domestic chores & have very feminine daily routines. These men are very differnt then your day to day life men.

    The relationships between the men & women are depicte very differnt then in a normal life. In these relationships the men think they are always in control and have all power over women. Most of the relationships in the show are just “hookups”, it is never anything serious. All the people in the Jersey Shore houose are friends but quite a few have had past hook ups with eqachother. Two of them have been in a relationship for almost the whole series of the show and are still together to this day. This show is very differnt from most peoples day to day lives.


All of the cast are tanned and looking skimpy.

Stereotypical Guido

Clothing is too tigh on allt he girls




Velocity Speed Guns In Baseball

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What are velocity speed guns and how do they work?


Why are velocity speed guns used in baseball?

A velocity speed gun is used in baseball for measuring the speed of pitched baseballs as well as measuring the speed of runners. The speed gun measures the speed of baseballs and runners at which it is pointed by detecting a change in frequency. Having an accurate representation of player skills is very important as it’s necessary for coaches and scouts, to have a proper analysis of their team/prospects. The player statistics are also important for fans to access, as abilities can help guide your player and team preferences.

Can they help to improve pitching and base running?

Velocity speed guns can help to improve pitching by demonstrating the speeds at which the pitcher throws.  They can also help base runners by pinpointing the speed at which they are running as they round the bases and, the overall distance to time ratio. When a pitcher or runner can clearly see their throwing/running statistics it can be very beneficial to growth and development. Having the stats laid out is also very crucial for coaches as they can help direct players on what they need to do to improve.

How accurate are they?

The quality of the speed gun used depends on how accurate the results will be. The majority of speed guns used in major league baseball are very high quality. It is important to have a precise measurement in order for players to be accurately represented. Often in lower levels of baseball you will see lower quality speed guns being used, which can affect the outcome hugely. If a pitcher is throwing around 85, and the speed gun is 7-9 mph off, then the player is not being acknowledged for their full ability. This can also be a hindrance if the speed gun happens to be displaying a higher mph than what the pitcher is actually throwing.  Having a not so accurate speed gun can actually be very dangerous for players if the results are coming out less satisfactory than the actual abilities. This can pressurize players into overworking themselves to get to a level at which they’re already unknowingly achieving.

Can they be used at all levels of baseball?

Velocity speed guns can be used at all levels of baseball. Although they’re not beneficial until the higher levels, they’re still useful to get a good starting point. This can help player development over the years and encourage or discourage someone from continuing their place in baseball depending on the results they’re receiving.

What are the most common brands of velocity speed guns used?

One of the most commonly used brands is Bushnell. Although this gun is affordable, being under $100, it is not the most accurate gun. Pitches tend to be 7-9mph off and this can make a huge difference in player statistics. Another commonly used brand is Stalker. These speed guns are very pricey, ranging from $300-$500 they make the perfect pitching and running measurer. You will see this brand more commonly used in the major leagues due to statistics having to be so precise. Velocity used to be a common brand, but since the prices Bushnell have been putting out have become so competitive, there has been a lot less Velocity purchases.





Goal for this class:

Complete this assignment

Goal for next class:

Have all assignments completed


3D Printing in the medical field with Ted

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What are the capabilities of 3-D printing in the medical field?

How quickly is this technology progressing?

When will the general public be able to benefit from it?

What will be the effect of having 3-D printed objects/ products in the medical world?

What kinds of things could be made?


last inquiry project

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How do phone apps change day to day lives?


How are phone apps helpful?

Who genereates these apps and where do they come from?

Where do people get apps from and what are the costs?

Do apps add to peoples lives or waste there time?

What are some apps people commonly use?





Skateboards & Inquiry

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(A) Skateboard Ramp Dadkick20n-1-web

Basically, a father pushed his kid down a skateboard ramp in a misguided attempt to help him overcome his fear. It was videotaped, put on YouTube and has gone viral. The end result is social condemnation of the father.

  1. Access Prior Knowledge: has anyone heard about this?
  2. Watch the original video.
  3. Discuss the father’s action. What should happen?
  4. What do you think has happened to the father/family since this?
  5. Discuss consequences & watch recent news clip.
  6. Class discussion re: do the consequences fit the crime? What do you think should have happened to the father?

(B) Final Inquiry Project

  1. Share out your topics and questions with your table. Students at each table need to help develop each student’s questions. Has the student asked all the questions they need to? Are they fully developed questions? (should be about 5 questions). These questions will be the focus questions / sub topics / headings for your research.
  2. Create a goal for the class: what questions will you answer? How? Remember, you only this class and next week’s left so all research has to be done by next week.
  3. Research your questions. This may involve creating emailing/skyping experts, surveying a group, etc.).
  4. Add the following onto your original inquiry blog:
    1. Your goal for today’s class.
    2. A summary of your research organized under your questions as headings.
    3. A tentative goal for next class.


How do cars that park themselves

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What I need to find out:

How does this technology work?

Self parking technology in cars in very new in the world of cars there are only a few car companies that have perfected this technology. The way this technology works is through a series of sensors along the front and sides of the vehicle to sense a spot to park in. Once the sensors detect a spot the driver aplies the brakes puts the vehicle in reverse and aplies slight gas and moves backwards towards the spot the sensors detect the spot and tell the stering what to do so the operator dosent have to steer. Once the vehicle is in the spot the wheel straightens out then the driver pulls slightly forward and the vehicle is parked.

Have there been any problems with this technology?

So far the only problem with this technology has been sensor failiures and miss calculations in the computer.

Who is selling this technology at the moment?

The only two companies selling this technology are Mercedes and Ford motor company. They have perfected this technology over the past few years.






Question Thing for Devon

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How has digital art changed the art industry?

How has digital art impacted artists?

What different technologies are there for creating digital art? 

  • http://www.digitalartsonline.co.uk/features/illustration/8-best-apps-for-artists-draw-sketch-paint-on-your-ipad/
  • http://www.creativebloq.com/digital-art/art-on-the-ipad-1232669


It would be interesting to find out how artistic technology has changed the quality and capability of artists around the world. I am interested in how artists at Disney especially have adjusted to using new forms of creating animations and what is happening to the artists who used to hand draw the characters.





Final Project

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Learning Objective: To inquire into a topic of personal interest that explores some aspect of digital literacy.



  1. Brainstorm digital literacy areas that you are interested in.
  2. Choose one topic you are interested in further exploring.
  3. Create a blog post outlining:
    1. What is your topic of interest? Why are you interested in it?
    2. What do you need to find out in order to understand your topic? (Create a list of questions you need to answer.)
    3. What resources can you access in order to answer the above questions?
    4. Choose the category “Final Project” for your post so we can easily find it. You may choose your own title.



Being a first time parent, I am interested in digital footprints for children. Do parents have the right to create a digital footprint for their children without their children’s knowledge or informed consent?


  • Do children have any rights around this (universally and/or in Canada)?
  • Are there any laws around this anywhere in the world? Canada?
  • Do parents even think about this?
  • What kind of digital footprint are parents creating for their children? Are there potential problems?
  • Do parents acknowledge their children’s opinions? (ex. Do they have conversations with their children about what they are posting and if it is okay?)
  • Would parents be okay with their children taking and posting pictures of them on social media?
  • Are there any safety concerns?


  • Internet (laws, safety concerns, court cases)
  • RCMP liaison (laws, safety concerns, court cases)
  • Facebook (what pictures are being posted? What type of digital footprint is being created?)
  • Parents (survey / create 5 questions to ask)



Grand Theft Auto 5 – Gender Stereotypes

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Grand Theft Auto 5

Josh Nelson



Grand Theft Auto has always been a gender stereotypical game. Men in Grand Theft Auto are portrayed as mostly criminals and very manly and need to work and only care about money. Women are portrayed as sex items and only want money and rich guys. The radio stations are also a good example of gender stereo types because they talk a lot about women and how they are portrayed as sex items.




Always want a ladies attention Scantily clad at night  Sexual manner usually
Portrayed as very masculine Victims Sometimes marriage
Randomly violent Helpless  
To whatever they want Need to look like models  
 grand-theft-auto-5-franklin-600x337 grand-theft-auto-5-michael-600x337 grand-theft-auto-5-police-chase-600x337 grand-theft-auto-5-trevor-600x337 gta gta5screen  dont work  

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